Senior Members

  • Priyanka Dev
  • Katherine Allen
  • Burton DeWitt
  • Christopher Soper
  • Claire Sarson
  • Kathleen Pritchard
  • Claire Mueller
  • Stephen Moulton
  • Claire Milne
  • Matthew Kirby
  • Caitlyn Hubbard
  • Jamil Bata
  • James Babikian
  • Sandra Andersson

Junior Members

  • Brendan Lally-McGurl
  • Dharak Bhavsar
  • Elizabeth Snyder
  • Cornelius Sweers
  • Alixandra Hipple
  • Katy Leung
  • Emily Schomburger
  • David Dyer
  • Chris McAlister
  • Sean McClay
  • Ryan Jones
  • Rebecca Fine
  • Nic O’Brien
  • Sarah Lacy
  • David Dyer
  • Andy Clark
  • Ryan Phelps
  • Kelly Hanen
  • Alison Lenner
  • Ian Petersen

Executive Committee

  • Worth Carroll, Chairman
  • Evan Hardee, Chairman



Simply put, when it comes to legal research and writing, Legal Research Board members are the best of the best.  This is because each LRB member has proven himself or herself to be among the top legal writers at one of the best law schools in the country: The University of Texas School of Law.

Each year, the entire class of nearly 400 first year law students submits a legal memorandum to be evaluated for potential LRB membership.  The law school’s acclaimed legal research and writing faculty identify exceptional writers from among each of the law school’s four sections and forward those writers’ memoranda to the LRB Executive Committee for further evaluation.  Membership invitations are extended only to the authors of the five best memoranda in each section.  This exacting process results in only 20 invitations to the pool of nearly 400 candidates.  The LRB’s five percent annual offer rate easily places the LRB among the most selective and exclusive student organizations at The University of Texas School of Law.

LRB members are consistently among the highest performing students in their respective classes.  Many join one of the law school’s most prestigious legal journals, and LRB members have routinely become Managing Editors or Editors in Chief of the venerable Texas Law Review.  LRB members are also among the most sought after employment candidates, which provides LRB members the opportunity for summer employment at law firms and government agencies, where LRB members hone their skills writing memoranda on myriad legal issues.  Upon graduation from law school, LRB members frequently take coveted positions as federal judicial clerks or associates at the nation’s top law firms.