The Legal Research Board is available to assist licensed attorneys with research support on a limited number of pro bono matters each academic year, availability of members and the Board’s financial situation permitting.

The call to pro bono springs from the desire of Board members to give back, and from a desire to enhance the educational value of the membership experience through increased variety and volume of research projects. Though the Board’s Charter and ethos demand financial self-sufficiency, the Board seeks to maximize valuable experience with real-world legal problems for its members, not dollars in and out.

Eligible Matters

The Legal Research Board is committed to no particular cause or issue, and members of the Executive Committee are expressly prohibited from approving pro bono projects on the basis of their personal preferences. Rather, the Executive Committee is charged with selecting pro bono projects with primary regard for their potential as educational experiences for members. Complex issues, challenging subject areas, and extraordinary writing challenges are especially valued, as are opportunities to develop lasting relationships with active pro bono attorneys and organizations generating a diverse range of legal research issues.

How Pro Bono Matters are Handled

Pro bono projects are handled just like for-profit projects in the usual course of the Board’s business, except that writer-members are paid by the Board at its own expense. Members that prefer to waive pay on pro bono projects receive letters from the Executive Committee attesting to pro bono service performed.

Attorneys bringing pro bono work to the Board can expect timely delivery of research product meeting the Board’s exacting standards of detail, completeness, and veracity.