Services & Pricing

The Legal Research Board provides fast, thorough legal research support to licensed attorneys at an incredible value. The LRB most often provides research memoranda tailored to our clients’ exact needs. Typically, our writers supply the answers to one or more non-trivial legal questions, along with detailed analysis and discussion of all of the relevant authorities. Alternatively, we can research and locate authority on a given proposition or topic and provide a memorandum detailing such authority. In other cases, LRB researchers may provide support and verification on a more informal basis, corresponding by email and telephone as progress is made. The bottom line is that the LRB can accommodate your legal research needs, whatever they may be.

The LRB’s painstaking writing process ensures the accuracy and authoritativeness of our work. LRB work is always teamwork, with multiple writers carefully selected for accomplishments in legal research and writing assigned to revise, verify, and critique each draft of the final work product. In addition, each memorandum is closely supervised by a member of our Executive Committee, a third-year law student with demonstrated skills in research and writing, as well as considerable writing experience in high-pressure, legal practice situations.

The LRB provides all of this at an exceptional value. Depending on the kind of assistance required, the LRB may provide a substantial research memorandum on a per-page billing basis, or other support on an hourly billing basis:

Per-Page Billing for Research Memoranda

Hourly Billing for Other Research Support

  • A base fee of $400
  • A $100 deposit (applied to the base fee on delivery) to get started
  • A per-page charge (single spacing, standard formatting) of $20
  • Expedited turnaround available
  • $150 minimum payment
  • A $100 deposit (applied to the minimum payment) to get started
  • $29 per researcher per hour, billed in 15-minute increments
  • Expedited turnaround available


Of course, the Board is happy to discuss alternative fee arrangements for research projects of all shapes and sizes.